About us


The History of Method2Madness

Method2Madness (M2M) is an Esports team that was founded by Oscar Rasmussen in Norway during 2018. The team initially named as FaceLess who’s primary game was Fortnite, after much deliberation it was idealised by Oscar that he wanted to do more than just play games, he wanted to build an organisation, and from this moment, work began on what is known now as Method2Madness. In the early months of 2019, members of FaceLess began to focus their and skills to become the best they can in the respects of Fortnite and Rocket League.

After this, the change to the name occurred in March 2019, FaceLess was no more and Method2Madness was born. With instantaneous success coming from the Rocket League Summer Series (RLSS) placing in the top 25% for qualification for the main event. Further and further the team began to grow more and more, with the hunger for success driving the unique individuals who joined along to allow themselves a chance into the life of an Esport player and attempt to gain coveted recognition from players within their respective regional tournaments. During the latter moments of Spring 2020 and the beginning of the summer Esports season, with Method2Madness achieving an incredible rank of top 95 for EU Qualifiers, inching ever so closer to the coveted competition.

Currently, the team operates in a large variety of games including: Rocket League, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Rainbow Six: Siege and League of Legends, with plans to make appearances and expand into Counterstrike: Global Offensive, another highly competitive series. The team is growing at an accelerated rate having merged with many other teams such as Team Nitro, who drive for the same success and passion that Oscar dreams of reaching with M2M. Further in the future, Oscar plans to expand the organisation into the North American market, making a change from just an EU team to a worldwide organisation.

The official motto of those within the organisation is “Bring the Madness”. This hashtag is the unique differentiator decided by members of the team via a vote open to all those included within the organisation, from CEOs and board members, to those who compete for success at the highest level on behalf of the organisation. This motto is used by members of the organisation to spread the team’s name and a key phrase that is used to help bring morale during competitive environments.